Begin Again?

Why would we do such a thing? Start this old rag up again, for the third/fourth/(who’s counting?) time… A saner group of people would notice the raspberry colored knot on their collective forehead and stop knocking. But we figure saner people aren’t hopelessly addicted to the notion that they can be the best bad little newspaper between Porterville and Gorman.

There’s also that little thing about a truly Free Press. An un-incorporated,  feet in the gutter, fist in the air source of information that delivers what you need and what you need to know. The little paper that could. And did. A couple times. Maybe a few times. We got notches on our belt and tic marks on the brick walls. We pwn dwntwn.

We are gonna do things a little differently this time. Number one, we takin’ it slow and building the machinery ourselves. We are gonna be online and in print. We gonna be on your cell phone. We gonna have our own App. (Of course – who doesn’t?) We gonna have swag.

We are pulling together a lot of the old crew: R. Bramer gonna have his post-cancerous digits on the steering wheel. G. Goodsell gonna have his maniacal ways with layout and map-out and stay-out and crap-out. Nano gonna bring you Real. Art. as much as his fast-growing notoriety will allow. There are others… Stay tuned.

But we’re also gonna do some things that you’ve never seen before: Junior Reporter recruitments from area high schools; an Expanded Community Calendar that is a pleasure to read just for entertainment value; several new regular columns – on Gaming, on Visual Arts, on Music, on Education, on Politics… and local Cartoonists with their whimsical ways. We’ll have Fact-Checking!

Last time we tried this we had a head full of steam just like today. And the time before that we did also. For reals, why the hell do this again? Are we really that dumb? Or stubborn? Yes, to both. Can’t give up can’t stay down. We getting to like this dusty little town, such as it is. We figure it needs a Real. Free. Press. and we aim to provide just that. We are gonna keep our doors wide open – always – for anyone and everyone who wants to help. We gonna keep shifting and changing and redefining ourselves and we gonna keep up with the times and keep up with you and your community.

Here’s what You Can Do: 1) purchase some swag. We promise to pocket just enough of your hard-earned American dollars to keep us in coffee and sammiches. Every other penny goes directly back to producing the paper. 2) keep your eye on the Facebook page. Since that’s a freebie for everyone, just about, we’ll make our big announcements there first and foremost. At least until everyone gets used to the website and starts clicking their way over there in numbers. 3) Write and submit your BS. Each and every syllable will be considered for publication. We can’t guarantee that any of it will actually BE published, because let’s face it: sometimes y’all forget to leave the drugs behind in your ramblings. And it shows on Monday morning. 4) READ the fucker. 5) Be a constant and conscientious patron of our advertisers. And tell them so: “Hey, comrade, I saw you in The Blackboard!”

That’s it for now.

There will be more.

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